Shape your body with plus size minimizer bras

Breast minimizing bra is a special bra that is capable of reducing the projection of the woman’s breasts by as much as one or two inches. Our online shop allows you to discover the best lingerie for plus size women with the Dr. Canine’s collection of minimizer bras. It is a great choice for full-bodied women who wish to buy a minimizer bra online. Plus size is defined as a band size of 40 inches and above. Our nice and comfortable brassieres will provide full support for D, DD, E, F, and G cup size.

Best minimizer bra for full figured women

Every plus size woman knows how hard it can be to find nice minimizer bras for large breasts. Everyone has their own size and shape as well as unique style and taste. Don’t fret though; we will gladly help you find the best bra for minimizing breast size that will instantly become your favorite.

Here, you can easily choose your perfect and inexpensive underwear with great support for heavy breasts and a visibly smaller cup size. It saddens us that so many women have to settle minimizer bras for bigger busts that don’t quite fit them; thankfully, with the help of international shipping we can help women across the globe to resolve this issue.

Bras that lift and minimize big busts

Delicately formed minimizer bras for full-figured women will help to visibly reduce and slightly lift your bust to make your everyday life more comfortable. Our collection ensures that you are always supported by the most effective and affordable product. The best minimizer bra with lift is able to reduce large bust line, while keeping the feminine shape that will compliment your cute looks.

Dr. Canine’s comfortable minimizer bra

Our beautiful and functional underwear will do a really good job minimizing large breasts. The main mission of our online shop is to help curvy women find the most effective minimizer support bras. We decided to focus on this kind of product, because usually there is a lack of choices and options in this segment. When shopping for Dr. Canine’s bras you can choose from a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes for everyday wear. We have full-coverage and strapless wire-free bras in black, white, pink, and beige colors. International shipping is available and is free most of the time unless specifically stated.