Storing Your Plus Size Bras The Right Way

Posted on April 13 2019

Storing Your Plus Size Bras The Right Way

 Storing Your Plus Size Bras The Right Way


Have you ever wondered whether you are storing your bras the right way?

Well, at the time of reading, you might be doing the best storage for your beloved bras already. Nevertheless, let’s glance through and see if you have been doing it right.


Step 1: Create a bra drawer 

Most of you probably have a nice closet drawer specifically for your bras and underwear.

If so, be happy that you have made the right step. If not, please do yourself a huge favour by spending an hour or two to clear the age-old clothes or accessories of a packed drawer in your closet and make it the new home of your bras.

Believe us – it is worth the effort to be invested in such work because your bras will be maintained in good shape and so do your breast.


Storing Your Plus Size Bras The Right Way

Step 2: Give your bras the "breathing space"

Space is the best thing a bra needs.

Your bras should be stored facing up in a drawer with the cups inside of each other to help them hold their shape.

NEVER leave them crumpled or folded in the drawer.


Step 3: Coordinate your bras based on your own preference

Lace on the left, strapless on the right. Plain colours behind, sexy colours in front.

It is as simple as the sentence above.

Such an intricate effort will make you a more organized person and cultivate the bra-loving character in the long term.


Storing Your Plus Size Bras

Step 4: Be very gentle each and every time.

During the daily routine of changing your bras, be extra gentle when taking the chosen bra of the day out of the drawer.

When you have bought a new bra, be gentle to fit the new bra into the closet drawer space to live with the others.

This is the golden rule forever; bras are your delicate undergarments and must be given the most gentle treatment.

You treat them well, they will support your breast well for you to impress everyday!




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