Washing Your Plus Size Bras

Posted on April 13 2019

Washing Your Plus Size Bras 

Washing Your Plus Size Bras


It is very important to wash your bras properly to maintain their best forms for you to remain attractive. Here are some simple tips sharing from us: 


Tip 1:

Wash your bra with cool water. NEVER wash your bra with hot water because the high temperature will destruct the elasticity. A bra without elasticity is a bra without its soul.


Washing Your Plus Size Bras

Tip 2:

Hand-wash your bras as often as possible, do it every time if you can. Washing with your bare hands makes it easier for you to control the pressure applied during the process. Being gentle to your bra is the rule of thumb!


Washing Your Plus Size Bras

Tip 3:

If you are putting your bras in the washing machine, please place your bras in a laundry washing bag to protect them while spinning in the washing machine along with other clothes.


Washing Your Plus Size Bras

Tip 4:

Only apply mild detergent specifically for delicate clothing while washing your bras. NEVER apply bleach on your bras because it will damage the fabrics and underwire support structure of the bras.


Tip 5:

After finished washing, pat your bras and laying them to dry. NEVER twist or squeeze your bra because it will break the underwire structure and destroy the lovely cup shapes.


Simple tips so apply them diligently!




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